Lady. It’s Not Just a Label

There is nothing wrong with the word lady. By definition, lady is simply a polite reference for woman. A lady is also a woman of noble birth and, most importantly, a lady is a courteous and decorous woman. A lady is a woman who has manners, grace and sophistication. She does not use her sexuality to get ahead, nor does she change herself to be more like a man to “fit in”. A lady is a strong, nonconforming, independent woman. A lady embraces her femininity and uses her etiquette to get what she wants. A lady is a confident version of a woman. A woman should be proud to call herself a lady.


2 thoughts on “Lady. It’s Not Just a Label

  1. Reading this definition of a lady is just what I needed. I have days I ask myself do I really want to go to the trouble of dressing up,styling my hair or even getting out of my pajamas for heaven's sake? So this page is now displayed on my vanity mirror to inspire me to stay neat & ladylike even when alone – because I'm worth it.

  2. I'm so glad you feel inspired by this! You are worth it. Every woman is worth the effort it takes to be a lady. And, you know, I've found that the men in their life appreciates their effort and the young girls look up to them. But, you should be a lady for you, not for anyone else, because it WILL make you feel good!

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