Set the Table: Thanksgiving Dinner

Most of us won’t be serving a formal Thanksgiving dinner, with multiple courses, so an informal place setting has been provided for your reference.

You want to start with your dinner plate.  I personally prefer a separate plate for salad, so that would be placed on top of the dinner plate in the setting.  Place your napkin, either folded or in a napkin ring, on top of the plate.

Always work outside in with your forks, so if you are having a salad, place that fork furthest out from the plate, with the dinner fork next to the plate.  These forks should be on the left, because you cut meat with the fork in your left hand.

On the right side of the plate, place your knife, teaspoon and soup spoon.  Work your way out to in with spoons as well.  If you’re having soup, use the spoon on the outside, and continue.

Upper right from the plate should be your water glass, iced tea glass, wine glass.

If using a bread plate, it goes above the forks with a butter knife placed across it.

Since everyone eats dessert on Thanksgiving, a dessert fork and spoon should be placed horizontally above the dinner plate.

For some ideas on table decor, click the picture.



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