Playing Hostess: Create a Cozy Guest Retreat

For many of us, the holidays mean visiting with family, and having them as house guests.  A lady’s home should be full of hospitality. Here are some ideas on how to create a comfortable guest room.

Bedside Carafe, Luggage Rack, Bedside Tray, Throw, Handmade soap, Robe

Other ideas include: Pen & paper, pain reliever(such as Aspirin or Tylenol), magazines & books, candles and a reading light.


2 thoughts on “Playing Hostess: Create a Cozy Guest Retreat

    • Thank you! I especially like the idea of putting aspirin and other medicines in the room. This way they don’t have to ask the host. I feel like the guest should feel as if they are staying in a hotel. It makes them feel special.

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